Book Review: The Secret Circle: Initiation and Captive 1

Book Review: The Secret Circle: Initiation and Captive 1

Initiation and Captive 1 are the first mini books in ‘The Secret Circle’ collection by L.J. Smith. The established writer has given us great reads such as The Night World series and The Vampire Diaries series. Although most recent and future books are written by ghost writers the stories and characters are still as captivating and riveting as ever.

The Secret Circle begins with a sixteen year old girl Cassie Blake , falling in love (however typical), with an unknown tall dark and handsome man, whom she believes to be a stranger walking in and then out of her life. Cassie, then moves to New Salem where she begins life anew, however she soon finds out a secret the town has been hiding. There are witches in New Salem, and she is wanted in their coven. This is because Cassie Blake is a witch. But do all the witches want her is another question. Mean girl Faye most certainly seem to…

And Adam ‘that boy’ is one of those witches.

The characters we meet within are very different from what you would expect from the genre, with issues such as; inner turmoils, anger through pain, guilt and betrayal- aspects of all the different twelve members of the coven and each individual character can be viewed on several different levels along with the story itself, which is relatively unknown for the target audience, age range and genre (aforementioned).

It should be noted that this book is of the teen-fiction genre of todays society, which entails the supernatural and its themes, however the language is simplistic, which you would expect. The book is therefore accessible to anyone of reading ability and of any age, however experienced readers should take patience with the writing and style, or simply enjoy it as a simple but loveable read.

Although a great introduction to the lives of the inhabitants of New Salem, and the coven itself. The characters (in comparison to the CW adaptation) are not as engrossing or captivating. Within this book, as an introduction to the collection, we are simply introduced to the world and the themes which progress throughout the novels, however not in this particular one. Therefore this good-read, does not show the arc in its best light- again in comparison to the fast paced show, (however, axed after only one season). It is recommended for book lovers, and those with enough time to enjoy the series of books, to do so, but those whom want the great story and characters without going through several novels, may be best watching the TV adaptation of the same name: The Secret Circle. This has book has been given 6.4/10.


Finally, we meet Luke

Finally, we meet Luke

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, finally gave us the first openly gay character on the show (Bill Forbes was gay, however never spoke about it, unlike Luke) . Luke Parker (Chris Brochu), is the brother to Liv Parker- the presumed newbie witch.

Luke seems to have befriended Elena whilst Katherine was inside her body at the Bitter Ball. But there has to be more to this! He pretended to be compelled. He knows his sister is a witch, with a lot more power than Bonnie knows. Does this make him a Witch (or Warlock, as the Luka – the last previous male witch called them). That is presuming they’re biological siblings.

The only thing we can do is wait and find out. But there has to be more going on here, overall as a character, and I’m guessing TVD will explore the theme of his sexuality a lot further too. Pretty new territory for the team.

First look at Catwoman from Fox’s new show ‘Gotham’

First look at Catwoman from Fox's new show 'Gotham'

With television superhero adaptations being very much in the now, Fox are now putting their own spin on things. Using the infamous fictional setting of Gotham city, this story will follow the young (Commissioner to be) Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), when he is just a cop. This show is to be a prequel to Batman, showcasing well know Gotham city heroes, heroines and villains; to name a few, The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, Batman etc. before the capes, canes and claws.

Newcomer Camron Bicondova will portray the young Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

So who’s excited? Will this take the stories of Commissioner Gordon and Gotham city to a whole new level, or will it simply be another attempt to thrash Smallville’s ratings? What do you think of Bicondova as ‘The Cat’ herself?

American Horror Story (AHS) writer Doug Petrie confirms season 4 CARNIVAL THEME

American Horror Story (AHS) writer Doug Petrie confirms season 4 CARNIVAL THEME

After much anticipation from the huge fan base of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s AHS, writer Doug (Douglas) Petrie finally confirms that season 4’s theme will be that of the carnival.

The twisted, dark and terribly addictive series has covered three themes so far; a haunted house, a psychiatric asylum and most recently a Coven – witches! Rinse and reusing the same extraordinary cast, this show keeps out doing itself year by year with an impressive cast of actors and actresses such as; Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, to name just a few. If you’ve never watched this show I can’t recommend it enough.

So far the only other clues we have been given is that the amazingly talented Jessica Lange (aged 64), will be practising a German accent for her final role in the AHS anthology. The second clue is that it is set in the 1950’s and this is all the evidence we have so far. However rumours and theories have been working their way through the internet, claiming that season 3: Coven’s last few episodes allude to the nature of season 4, such as Myrtle Snow’s theremin instrument (the strange object creating ‘celestial tones’).

But which clues are actual clues? Which clues are red-herrings? All we know is that there are clues! After all, even Ryan Murphy himself said to watch out for clues… But we all know with AHS it’s never that easy to to work out. I mean a theremin is a pretty hard clue Mr Murphy – that is if it is a clue?.. God I love AHS!

American Horror Story seasons 1 and 2 is available on on DVD for £34, and Blu-Ray DVD for £32.64. Season’s 1 and 2 can now be found on UK Netflix. Season 3: Coven is available for pre-order now.

SciFiNow Reveals first look at CW’s Arrow spin-off ‘Flash’

Recently SciFiNow magazine released the image of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) a.k.a DC comic’s beloved superhero The Flash, in his iconic red suit, with lightning bolt’s. After appearing in Season 2, Episode 8 “The Scientist’, it was soon revealed that The Flash is coming to CW’s reimagination of DC’s Central City in his own show, and rumour has it occasionally dropping by Starling City to visit the lovely Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).