Roswell Cast to be Reunited for ATX Festival

Roswell Cast to be Reunited for ATX Festival

Roswell! If you can’t remember Roswell you seriously missed out!

Roswell focused on what happens when extra-terrestrials actually come to town. With a great cast including Katherine Heigl (putting herself on the map), and an almost Twilight romance it really was a great show. Although short lived (only lasting three seasons) it found itself a great cult following and viewers tuning in every week- even some of us that Geeky getting excited fifteen years later.

With that in mind,the show’s fifteenth anniversary is just around the corner and an ‘alien force’ is reuniting the cast (all except Heigl herself) for the ATX Festival. Pretty cool or what?!


All New The Vampire Diaries Promo: ‘Resident Evil’

Whatever the travellers have been up to I’m guessing it has something to do with these visions Stefan and Elena are having! And what was that? Did Damon say sex dreams?

All new The Vampire Diaries airing April 17th!

Harley Quinn to come to Starling City?

‘Suicide Squad’, the latest episode of Arrow encapsulated many well known DC comic book villains through A.R.G.U.S and their recruitment of the ‘Suicide Squad’ itself, ran by The Arrow’s trusted sidekick John ‘Diggle’. But more importantly for fans of DC and their comics and/or adaptations we were given one of the best easter eggs so far in the show (OR IN ANY SHOW!).

The voice of HARLEY QUINN! Coming from behind a cell door yelling in her famous Brooklyn accent, “Do you cuties need some counselling? I’m a trained therapist.” Only that one line, and seeing a woman’s BLONDE hair through the window panel has given us avid fans more than enough to go crazy over!


Harley Quinn, is (in comic book terms) royalty in the DC universe, being originally known as Dr Harleen Quinzel, working in Arkham Asylum, until she fell ‘madly’ in love her patient -Gotham City’s super villain The Joker.


Although, always having a background in psychology, the adaptations have ranged for Harley Quinn, from Doctor, to stranger, to apparently now being “Trained in counselling”, which could suggest she is a Doctor, or at least has an extensive knowledge within psychology. The CW seemed to have kept two of the most iconic traits of Harley Quinn; her background in the study of the human mind and behaviour, and of course, her Brooklyn accent. The CW however, have full reign on every other element of the loveable and relatable villainess!- Her story. How has she ended up in A.R.G.U.S,? What are her plans? And most of all has she even met The Joker yet?Just about anything could go!

One thing is for sure, that’s not the last we will see of Harley Quinn in Arrow, (or maybe even in its spinoff series ‘The Flash’). Either way Harley Quinn is there (all be it, in a cell), but there is a very strong chance we have just caught a glimpse of season 3’s villain…

But where’s her ‘puddin’?


Book-Club Sundays

As of today, and every Sunday following I will be reading one book a week and giving a review on the Sunday. This will be the weekly book club and will entail books that began as a novel and were adapted into a TV show, or a book that was written due to a TV show.

I will attempt to be as creative as possible with the choices of books each week however any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Tonights review will be on ‘THE SECRET CIRCLE: INITIATION AND CAPTIVE 1’ the first book in The Secret Circle collection by L.J. Smith (writer of The Vampire Diaries novels also), which was adapted in to a CW series however unfortunately cut after just one series. Check out the review tonight!

Finally, we meet Luke

Finally, we meet Luke

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, finally gave us the first openly gay character on the show (Bill Forbes was gay, however never spoke about it, unlike Luke) . Luke Parker (Chris Brochu), is the brother to Liv Parker- the presumed newbie witch.

Luke seems to have befriended Elena whilst Katherine was inside her body at the Bitter Ball. But there has to be more to this! He pretended to be compelled. He knows his sister is a witch, with a lot more power than Bonnie knows. Does this make him a Witch (or Warlock, as the Luka – the last previous male witch called them). That is presuming they’re biological siblings.

The only thing we can do is wait and find out. But there has to be more going on here, overall as a character, and I’m guessing TVD will explore the theme of his sexuality a lot further too. Pretty new territory for the team.

First look at Catwoman from Fox’s new show ‘Gotham’

First look at Catwoman from Fox's new show 'Gotham'

With television superhero adaptations being very much in the now, Fox are now putting their own spin on things. Using the infamous fictional setting of Gotham city, this story will follow the young (Commissioner to be) Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), when he is just a cop. This show is to be a prequel to Batman, showcasing well know Gotham city heroes, heroines and villains; to name a few, The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, Batman etc. before the capes, canes and claws.

Newcomer Camron Bicondova will portray the young Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

So who’s excited? Will this take the stories of Commissioner Gordon and Gotham city to a whole new level, or will it simply be another attempt to thrash Smallville’s ratings? What do you think of Bicondova as ‘The Cat’ herself?