Roswell Cast to be Reunited for ATX Festival

Roswell Cast to be Reunited for ATX Festival

Roswell! If you can’t remember Roswell you seriously missed out!

Roswell focused on what happens when extra-terrestrials actually come to town. With a great cast including Katherine Heigl (putting herself on the map), and an almost Twilight romance it really was a great show. Although short lived (only lasting three seasons) it found itself a great cult following and viewers tuning in every week- even some of us that Geeky getting excited fifteen years later.

With that in mind,the show’s fifteenth anniversary is just around the corner and an ‘alien force’ is reuniting the cast (all except Heigl herself) for the ATX Festival. Pretty cool or what?!


Netflix announces air date for Hemlock Grove Season 2

After much anticipation Netflix have finally given us a date to put on our calendars and in our diaries. Hemlock Grove season 2 will be with us on July 11th, giving us all something to get us through the exam season, or just enough time to watch the first season (again). If you’ve never watched it, I would strongly advise you to do so. It’s a totally messed up supernatural show, almost a combination of Hex and American Horror Story. It’s so addictive and painfully baffling (in an awesome way)- Just watch it guys honestly!

Netflix have provided this tiny teaser clip, basically publicising the beautiful Famke Janssen and July 11th.

From Dusk Till Dawn – The Series

Netflix are really picking up their game with TV shows, having ‘aced’ House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black. However now they’re showing something quite incredible- A series portraying Robert Rodgriguez and Quentin Taranntino’s cult classic, From Dusk Till Dawn. There is a lot of faith in this series and in Netflix, especially with Robert Rodgriguez as the series director… Or has From Dusk Till Dawn served its purpose and to be left on the shelf? Surely not…

First look at Catwoman from Fox’s new show ‘Gotham’

First look at Catwoman from Fox's new show 'Gotham'

With television superhero adaptations being very much in the now, Fox are now putting their own spin on things. Using the infamous fictional setting of Gotham city, this story will follow the young (Commissioner to be) Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), when he is just a cop. This show is to be a prequel to Batman, showcasing well know Gotham city heroes, heroines and villains; to name a few, The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, Batman etc. before the capes, canes and claws.

Newcomer Camron Bicondova will portray the young Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

So who’s excited? Will this take the stories of Commissioner Gordon and Gotham city to a whole new level, or will it simply be another attempt to thrash Smallville’s ratings? What do you think of Bicondova as ‘The Cat’ herself?

American Horror Story (AHS) writer Doug Petrie confirms season 4 CARNIVAL THEME

American Horror Story (AHS) writer Doug Petrie confirms season 4 CARNIVAL THEME

After much anticipation from the huge fan base of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s AHS, writer Doug (Douglas) Petrie finally confirms that season 4’s theme will be that of the carnival.

The twisted, dark and terribly addictive series has covered three themes so far; a haunted house, a psychiatric asylum and most recently a Coven – witches! Rinse and reusing the same extraordinary cast, this show keeps out doing itself year by year with an impressive cast of actors and actresses such as; Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, to name just a few. If you’ve never watched this show I can’t recommend it enough.

So far the only other clues we have been given is that the amazingly talented Jessica Lange (aged 64), will be practising a German accent for her final role in the AHS anthology. The second clue is that it is set in the 1950’s and this is all the evidence we have so far. However rumours and theories have been working their way through the internet, claiming that season 3: Coven’s last few episodes allude to the nature of season 4, such as Myrtle Snow’s theremin instrument (the strange object creating ‘celestial tones’).

But which clues are actual clues? Which clues are red-herrings? All we know is that there are clues! After all, even Ryan Murphy himself said to watch out for clues… But we all know with AHS it’s never that easy to to work out. I mean a theremin is a pretty hard clue Mr Murphy – that is if it is a clue?.. God I love AHS!

American Horror Story seasons 1 and 2 is available on on DVD for £34, and Blu-Ray DVD for £32.64. Season’s 1 and 2 can now be found on UK Netflix. Season 3: Coven is available for pre-order now.

Tonight’s the night… The Vampire Diaries 5×16

After a couple of weeks respite from the emotional hurricane that is Mystic Falls and It’s inhabitants, the first showing of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries (TVD) ‘While you were sleeping’ airs tonight! Who’s excited?!

So heres a quick recap of what been going on in the Falls.

Elena is Elena again (thank God) – I’ve always kicked myself for loving Katerina Patrova a.k.a Katherine ‘the bitch’, but it was about time the body swop thing died out (my house mates who don’t keep up with it, were getting far too confused), “Is that Katherine or Elena, or Katherine pretending to be Elena” – actually it was Elena’s body, with Katherine inside, pretending to be Elena. Damn, Julie Plec Is awesome!

We saw, newbie witch take a liking to good old Jeremy Gilbert and ‘Bon-Bon” getting a little jealous- but is that the only thing she’s jealous of? Being an anchor has been known to take a girls mojo. Could this girl have something to do with Bonnie getting her powers back? Caroline finally told Tyler to back off with the emotional guilt-trip, and Damon’s still a vampire cannibal.

And of course, in a typical TVD way, we lost not only one character (I hadn’t been that upset since Alaric’s funeral/tomb imprisonment/almost death). We lost both Katherine Pierce (a.k.a Patrova) and her daughter Nadia Patrova. Nadia moved on to the other side, where as Katherine was literally sucked away. Is she in hell? Could TVD be throwing religion Into the mixing bowl that is Mystic Falls, or was it just great symbolism (with it being in a gothic church). We shall see…

Oh and Katherine, in her usual way, left a parting gift. Elena now craves vampire blood. Given a dose by Katherine with werewolf blood added to it really can’t help.

Well its not long now until some of our questions are answered. Check out the extended promo for TVD 5×16 here.

The beginning…

Hey guys.

I have finally gotten around to start my own blog, and geez it’s not as easy as the stereotypical, sad melancholic girls in the movies make it look like. It’s way harder! However ,here I am getting over technophobia…

My goal for this blog is to give you guys my ideas on the themes, events and ‘gossip’ in the latest episodes of (pretty awesome) American T.V shows. Ill be focusing on all weird and wonderful shows, but the main ones are going to be of the supernatural genre – like AHS which I know we all love, and if you don’t… GO WATCH IT… ALL… NOW… Its really, really, really good. God I miss AHS.

Yes- so here we go and wish me luck guys!

P.S Oh and do that thing where you ‘like’ or ‘follow’ me or whatever (as I said, I’m new so I don’t really know the terminology, as of yet).