Dispute, Sick Vampires & Civil War in all new True Blood season 7 teaser!

Bon Temps has had it’s fair share of trouble with it’s supernatural inhabitants, human retaliation and odd supernatural beings here there and everywhere. But it seems this year is going to be worse than ever. Appropriate for the final season of True Blood, the teaser suggests and almost apocalyptic theme which i have no doubt will continue until the final episode of the season. With ‘sick’ vampires, a civil war and an almost non-existent government, Season 7 is going to be bigger, badder and better than its predeceasing seasons (providing Eric is still alive – if not I’m out!).

See how it all ends for Sookie Stackhouse and the rest of Bon Temps, in the final season of True Blood- Premiering, Sunday 22nd June (In the US).