All New The Vampire Diaries Promo: ‘Resident Evil’

Whatever the travellers have been up to I’m guessing it has something to do with these visions Stefan and Elena are having! And what was that? Did Damon say sex dreams?

All new The Vampire Diaries airing April 17th!


The Originals Extended Promo (1×18)

So every once in a while there are breaks in shows for a couple of weeks and The Originals is no exception to that norm. With having to wait three whole weeks for the next episode, Julie Plec and the team have defiantly left us needing our fix more than ever.

*If your not up to date with The Originals, I wouldn’t read ahead…

With the latest episode showing us that; Josh is back, Davina’s mojo is also back, Rebecca is really gone, and Genevieve is kind of easy when it comes to the sociopathic Original Hybrid himself. Not to forget the introduction of a female drug lord, and Hayley becoming pro-wolves, even when they’re plotting for domination of the French Quarter.

The extended prom implies that theres fun coming to New Orleans, Klaus is plotting with the witches, Davina is back in the swing of things in the magic department, and Elijah is still looking out for Hayley. But if anything is evident from the promo, it’s that “There will be no peace”.

The Originals. ‘The Big Uneasy’ 1×18, airs first in the states on April 15th.

Finally, we meet Luke

Finally, we meet Luke

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, finally gave us the first openly gay character on the show (Bill Forbes was gay, however never spoke about it, unlike Luke) . Luke Parker (Chris Brochu), is the brother to Liv Parker- the presumed newbie witch.

Luke seems to have befriended Elena whilst Katherine was inside her body at the Bitter Ball. But there has to be more to this! He pretended to be compelled. He knows his sister is a witch, with a lot more power than Bonnie knows. Does this make him a Witch (or Warlock, as the Luka – the last previous male witch called them). That is presuming they’re biological siblings.

The only thing we can do is wait and find out. But there has to be more going on here, overall as a character, and I’m guessing TVD will explore the theme of his sexuality a lot further too. Pretty new territory for the team.