‘Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories’ Review

'Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories' Review

“Mad Love is the best Batman story of the decade” – Frank Miller

Keeping with the theme of Batman this week with his 75th anniversary here, this week’s review is the award winning graphic novel that first introduced us to the character that is Harley Quinn. Now a symbol for a female psychopath, or dark sexual icon it should be know that this was not always the same woman: originally she was Dr Harleen Quinzel. An ambitious graduate, with an interest in the human psyche, especially that of Gotham City’s Joker. But even she couldn’t help but fall for his tricks.

It should be noted that there are a few more comic’s in the book, in order to fill it out such as short stories on Poision Ivy, Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman, Roxy and Batgirl. This book is graphic novel is said to be of the dames and demons of Gotham City. However the focus of both the graphic novel and the review are on Mad Love.

In the form of a graphic novel this medium allows us to view the story of Harley Quinn’s lure to the other side of the law,; by use of detailed images, speech and internal monologues. This helps the reader when trying to justify why such a ‘go-getter’ girl like Harleen would risk everything for The Joker. Because for her, it’s simple. It’s love. Mad love.

The origin story begins with a flash back from modern times to Harleen Quinzel’s first day at Arkham Asylum. This is how the origin story is fed to the reader from henceforth, small snippets and flashbacks of her time at Arkham City’s infamous mental asylum (along with a few statements and speech from the current timeline, referring to those days).

The story itself is simple yet so encapsulating that it is a perfect first read for many of you out there who haven’t tried a graphic novel, as of yet. As the story is basically a short tragedy in the form of a comic book, it is very accessible whilst also holds the story on a deeper level with relatable themes of love, anger, confusion and regret. Not only is this a face value comic book, but it is also the first time Harley Quinn is viewed as something other than the crazy lover of The Joker, but as one of his many tragic victims.

Although as a graphic novel, this may put many people off my advice would be to simply give it a try. I believe that the story is worth it if you have an interest in Batman, DC comics, the character of Harley Quinn or even psychology in general. Thus the reason that I have rated this graphic novel a strong 8/10. A simple medium, but highly effective.


First Look at DEATHSTOKE’S attack on Team Arrow’s HQ

First Look at DEATHSTOKE'S attack on Team Arrow's HQ

This collage of images shows us what to expect from the much anticipated next episode of Arrow (April 16th). ┬áSlade Wilson’s (Deathstroke’s) ambush on Team Arrow in their own head quarters. From the images The CW have released there is defiantly going to be one hell of a battle (It’s a good thing Oliver Queen is rich! He’s going to have to replace quite a lot of damaged goods).

News is working its way through the internet and social media claiming that one of the female members of the team will be taken to hospital due to the attack. But who will it be? Felicity or Sarah? My ideas are as followed:

A) This is an attempt to (for lack of a better expression) kill off ‘The Black Canary’ to allow Laurel to step forward and take her sisters place as The Black Canary herself!

B) For Felicity to be hospitalised in order to assume the role as ‘The Oracle’. This could potentially lead to Felicity Smoak being wheelchair bound- an element not often explored in superhero adaptations. This could also open up the possibility of being visited by her charming admirer Barry Allen (a.k.a The Flash).

But these are just a couple of my own theories on the repercussions of the big showdown. I suppose we will have to wait and see what the actual outcomes are. Feel free to comment below with any of your own theories or ideas of the aftermath of Slade’s attack!

Buffy Season 10 is here!

Buffy Season 10 is here!

As many of you may know the Josss Whedon’s beloved TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer had a long and successful run of 7 aired seasons. Dying twice, and saving the world from all kinds of evil Joss didn’t want it to end there. But buffy on screen had ran its course. Therfore Joss decided to continue the ‘scoobie gangs’ journey through the medium of comic books. For those of you who didn’t know this check them out, they’re different from the show, as there is no limit of budget etc, but they’re still the unique characters we love.


In season 8 we seen the evil ‘big bad’ Twilight, come to town and hunt the slayers down. Buffy, finding out Angel was Twilight, destroyed the seed of magic (the magic of our world), leaving a devasted Willow. Buffy’s rash action was due to the death of Giles, her mentor and father figure at the hands of Twilight- Angel, her true love.

Season 9 showed us the zompire race, a mix between vampires and zombies, and how the world was dealing with the seed of magic being no more. More to the point this showed us how Willow wasn’t dealing. Willow began a quest to restore magic whilst Dawn, the key, was slowly disappearing. This lead to a great battle in the Deeper Well (Illyria’s resting place), with Illyria ‘the old one’ her self on Buffys side and ultimately dying there. Magic had been restored. But the book of the ‘VAMPYR” first seen in the first episode of Buffy ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’ was blank… And newly turned vampires from this point were not bound by the normal limits…

So here in season 10, we see the effects of this change in the effects of magic on vampires (they are immune to sunlight, and can turn into bats). Xander is seeing ghosts- a ghost to be exact. His deceased, ex-fiance Anya! And Giles, in the form of a child, is back! And Faith is back! What does this all mean? Anyone fathom a guess as to how this season is going to pan out? Feel free to comment below.