Tonight’s the night… The Vampire Diaries 5×16

After a couple of weeks respite from the emotional hurricane that is Mystic Falls and It’s inhabitants, the first showing of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries (TVD) ‘While you were sleeping’ airs tonight! Who’s excited?!

So heres a quick recap of what been going on in the Falls.

Elena is Elena again (thank God) – I’ve always kicked myself for loving Katerina Patrova a.k.a Katherine ‘the bitch’, but it was about time the body swop thing died out (my house mates who don’t keep up with it, were getting far too confused), “Is that Katherine or Elena, or Katherine pretending to be Elena” – actually it was Elena’s body, with Katherine inside, pretending to be Elena. Damn, Julie Plec Is awesome!

We saw, newbie witch take a liking to good old Jeremy Gilbert and ‘Bon-Bon” getting a little jealous- but is that the only thing she’s jealous of? Being an anchor has been known to take a girls mojo. Could this girl have something to do with Bonnie getting her powers back? Caroline finally told Tyler to back off with the emotional guilt-trip, and Damon’s still a vampire cannibal.

And of course, in a typical TVD way, we lost not only one character (I hadn’t been that upset since Alaric’s funeral/tomb imprisonment/almost death). We lost both Katherine Pierce (a.k.a Patrova) and her daughter Nadia Patrova. Nadia moved on to the other side, where as Katherine was literally sucked away. Is she in hell? Could TVD be throwing religion Into the mixing bowl that is Mystic Falls, or was it just great symbolism (with it being in a gothic church). We shall see…

Oh and Katherine, in her usual way, left a parting gift. Elena now craves vampire blood. Given a dose by Katherine with werewolf blood added to it really can’t help.

Well its not long now until some of our questions are answered. Check out the extended promo for TVD 5×16 here.


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